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About Me

Starting with my first digital camera back in 1995 with a whopping half a megapixel, I’ve had an affinity for being able to freeze frame moments in real life, and keep them as memories in digital format. Something magical happened in the digital camera space around 2015 which lead to a boom in Mirrorless camera technologies. 

    Fast forward to today, I now have the pleasure of these digital imaging tools that make being “Hybrid” Creator a reality: To shoot beautiful high resolution images, and also take netflix approved quality video in a small form factor, not to mention easily portable flying cameras(Drones).

My hobby and enthusiasm grew in 2017 into doing paid work, mostly in Events, social media branding, social media content for several high level entrepreneurs in Southern California. My Camera, along with my easy going, ninja style of documenting without being intrusive…has lead me around the world to also capture festivals, weeklong retreats, and industry conferences that I were attracted to.

Post pandemic, my passion has ignited to continue to explore the world, meet amazing people and communities in order to be of service with my passion to capture and edit high quality images and videos.



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